Attendance System

Keep a tab on employee attendance on a real-time basis

Track employee attendance effectively by integrating it with the Biometric or access control devices of your organization. Plan employee shift timings, track attendance of remote workers and integrate it with the Payroll system efficiently to bring automation into your salary calculation process.

How It Works

Employee Shift Management

This module helps in setting up shifts with clearly allocated Start and End Time. Allocate employees under a specific roster for a defined time frame so that the captured attendance data matches the physical attendance of employees in different shifts.

Attendance Processing

Get real-time attendance records

Capture and process attendance data automatically for real time access in Paylite. Managers can take quick decisions and plan the resource scheduling accordingly

Add attendance manually

An option is available to add attendance manually by uploading Excel files. The user can download the Excel template and import the Excel data.

Attendance Sheet

This module shows the employee’s attendance records captured from the Biometric database.

Define public holidays list

Define the public holidays granted by your organization based on the geographic location of each office and company rules. Public Holidays are considered in Leave Application. The system will count/not count Holidays in No. of Leave Days based on the formula defined.

Log-in from Anywhere

Remote working is on the rise and not just limited to on-site employees anymore. With Paylite’s Mobile App, log-in from anywhere, and record employee attendance efficiently. Managing remote employees was never this easy!

Advanced Analytics and Reports

Gain access to intuitive reports and advanced analytics of your organization’s daily attendance records instantly.

  • Employee Wise Shift Allocation
  • Employee Without Shift
  • Daily Punch Summary/Details
  • Daily Attendance Sheet
  • Daily Overtime Hours
  • Late in Request Status
  • Early Out Request Status
  • Odd Punch Request Status
  • Overtime Request Status
  • Absent Request Status
  • Attendance Exception Report

Get rid of manual processes and adopt a paperless Attendance Management Module for your business!

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