On Boarding

Employee retention begins from Day 1!

Show your new hires that they have made a perfect choice and nurture them throughout the joining process with a technology-driven smart Onboarding process. With Paylite’s Onboarding module, create a supportive and welcoming environment for new hires or internal transfers. Fast-track the Onboarding process by having every step meticulously planned out in the system. Intuitive dashboards with the drill-down facility will improve productivity and enhance efficiency.

Welcome Message

A short, personalized message will strengthen the bond and make a new employee feel welcome in a new environment.

Details of Joining

Maintain clarity on the various aspects of joining like the date, place, etc for maintaining transparency and avoiding confusion.

My Profile

Create a profile for the employee with job details, educational details, etc. This profile will also assist them in managing and maintaining their ESS portal.

My Tasks

Create a list of assigned tasks for the new employee so that they know their responsibilities well from the very beginning.


Plan the trainings for new joiners to get them acclimatized with the company environment and job role.

My Contacts

Know your official contacts from Day 1 with easy access to them so that you can seek assistance whenever required.

Get new employees up to speed with Paylite’s Onboarding Module.

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