On Boarding

Employee retention begins on Day 1!

Create better first days for your hires using our technology-driven smart Onboarding process. With Paylite’s Onboarding module you can create a supportive and welcoming environment for new hires and internal transfers.

Paylite gives you the flexibility to plan out every step meticulously in the system helping you fast-track the Onboarding process. Intuitive dashboards with the drill-down facility will improve productivity and reduce dependency on manual processing.

Welcome Message

A personalized message is a great way to connect with new hires and make them feel welcome in a new environment.

Details of Joining

Maintain records of various aspects of joining like the date, location, employee ID, and more.

My Profile

Create a profile for the employee with personal details, job details, educational details, skills, and much more. Profile creation helps them in managing and maintaining their ESS portal.

My Tasks

Create a list of assigned tasks for the new employee to highlight their responsibilities and simplify their work.


Plan essential and skill-based training for new joiners to familiarize them with the company environment and prepare them better for their role.

My Contacts

Get to know your team from day one. My contacts page gives you easy access to required contacts so you can seek assistance whenever required.

Get new employees up to speed with Paylite's Onboarding Module.

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