Performance Management

Employee engagement and performance management

Paylite offers flexible features for HR and a streamlined experience for your employees. Paylite’s performance management module helps manage and monitor an employee’s progress.

Our performance management system offers unique features like one-on-one and 360° appraisal, setting up of appraisal managers and employee database, managing contributions of external appraisers, generating appraisal forms, and managing feedback/ratings. Paylite makes it easier to keep track of an employee’s performance, historical data of an employee’s performance is available on demand.

Its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features help reduce training requirements for all stakeholders.


  • 360° (multi-rater) and 1-to-1 appraisal
  • Setup of appraisal managers
  • External contributor setup
  • Appraisal form setup
  • Assign appraisal forms to employee
  • Invite contributor by appraisal manager
  • Minimal training requirement for contributors
  • Manage ratings and feedback
  • Quick access to the appraisal history

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