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Planning For Success: New Hire First-day Checklist

Extending a warm welcome to new hires on their first day sets the tone of the journey and makes way for a successful collaboration. The HR team along with the manager should be adequately prepared to deal with new hires on their first day and prioritize their induction within the organization. A poor onboarding process results in disgruntled employees and becomes the reason why they eventually leave. Therefore, proactively planning for your new hire’s first day can foster a long-lasting and productive work relationship.

Here’s our checklist to help you plan your employee’s first day at work:

  • Create a schedule

Many new hires find themselves sitting aimlessly at their desks without any clarity on the first day of work, waiting for instructions from someone. For smooth induction and to avoid any wastage of time, it is important to create a schedule for new hires and help them in navigating the day. This schedule is important for ensuring the success of the onboarding program and can also be shared with other members interacting with the new hire on that day. This helps in keeping everyone in the loop and avoids confusion.

  • Prepare their workstation

Coming to work only to find that the workspace is not ready or the system is not set up can be quite offputting. To avoid any last-minute hassles, get their system set up by the IT department, with all the required software, set their desk, and have all the documents ready for their first day. A nice welcoming desk sets the tone for the day and highlights their importance in the company. 

  • Greet them enthusiastically

Greeting your new hires enthusiastically on the first day and extending a warm welcome eliminates any confusion and lightens the mood. The person leading this can be a member of the HR team, the office Admin, or the Manager of the new employee. This helps in boosting their morale and leaves a positive impression on the new employee. The gesture further presents a positive image of the company and helps in employee retention.

  • Send an introductory email to the company

Introduce the new employee to the organization by sending a short company-wide email detailing their name, designation, department, picture, manager name to help others know them better. You can also include some fun information or anecdote about them that can be a great conversation starter. 

  • Help them fill out the paperwork

The HR paperwork can seem to be confusing without proper guidance. Help them fill out the forms, make digital copies, explain the terms and conditions, and answer any questions the new hires may have. They must feel they are being attended to, which increases the chances of retention. Put all information into a unified system that will help in the future and aid in easy referencing later.

  • Assign a “work buddy”

Buddy systems in organizations are great. They help in reducing social anxiety and also take off a huge burden from HR. Introducing the new hire to the buddy on the first day eases the entire process and helps them in making the day more pleasant and easy to navigate. They can explain how to use office equipment, obtain office supplies, share insights on how the organization functions, and make the entire process of a new day easier for the new hire.

  • Set meetings with team leaders

Another great way of introducing new hires to the workplace is by making them meet the team leaders of the different departments. Book these meetings in advance so that the leaders have sufficient time in their hands to brief the employee. Keep it short and informal and communicate the core values. Getting to know department heads on the first day make them feel valued and welcome and helps in the easy dissemination of duties.

  • Plan an informal gathering or luncheon

Social events are a great way of breaking the ice and introducing new employees to the organization. Plan an informal get together or luncheon for the team to assemble and mix freely with the recruits. This gives them a chance to network, meet other employees, make friends at work, exchange opinions, helping to integrate them into their new company.

  • Give them an overview and assign tasks

Assign tasks and have them explained by managers to the new hires to make them feel confident. Make sure that they know what they’re doing and provide them with a sense of purpose, to help them settle into their new role faster and more efficiently. Offer guidance, provide relevant resources and clarify questions to help them navigate work on their first day. 

  •  Check on them at the end of the day

The last thing on your checklist should be to schedule a check-in with your employee at the end of the day. Provide them with a quick recap, help clarify questions and take feedback to further improve the process. This will make them feel secure and boost their confidence in the company. Just planning and taking care of the technical aspects is not enough, it is important to extend courtesies and provide a personal touch to the day.

An employee’s first day is one of the most important aspects of the onboarding process. Ensuring that it goes well and they feel connected and welcome is an important function of HR management. The first day set up the foundation for your new employees and is a significant part of the onboarding process. 

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