Regional Localization

UAE flagUAE localization

  • WPS
  • Generate HSBC Net File, CITIBANK FILE
  • Generate EIF File
  • Full and Final Settlement as per gratuity...
  • Meets other MOL requirements

Bahrain flagBahrain localization

  • GOSI
  • LMRA
  • HCVT
  • MOH and other requirements
  • TOIL
  • Indemnity Calculation

Oman flagOman localization

  • PASI
  • Meets other MOL requirements

Saudi flagSaudi localization

  • GOSI
  • Various Bank letters
  • Cancellation of undertakings letter
  • Embassy - Visit Visa letter
  • Temporary Iqama
  • WPS compliance
  • Other legal requirements

Kuwait flagKuwait Localization

  • Kuwait Ministry Forms
  • Transfer file for Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK)
  • Transfer file for National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)
  • Transfer file for Gulf Bank (GBK)
  • Transfer file for Burgan Bank
  • Transfer file for Al Ahli Bank (ABK)
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Leave and Indemnity Calculation

Egypt flagEgypt Localization

  • Income Tax
  • Social Insurance
  • Meets other MOL requirements

Lebanon flagLebanon Localization

  • Tax calculations as per different slabs
  • Allowances for children and spouse
  • CNSS calculations

Jordan flagJordan Localization

  • Tax calculations as per slabs
  • Social security calculations
  • Jordan OT calculations
  • Allowance for married employee and children for tax purpose

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