GP Integration

Step 1.0: Please copy the web service from GP server directory as shown below and publish it as online link (it can be copied to server which has Paylite installed.)

Note: After copy to wwwroot please make virtual directory for the web service folder. You can check whether web service is working or not as if you open the link in browser


Payroll Software, HRMS

Step 2.0: Open the tool (we will provide the tool) as below and post to GP by pre-generated .xml file made from Paylite.

Wage Protection System / WPS

Step to generate “.xml “file by Paylite:-

Step 2.1: Publish Salary

Step 2.2: Click on menu ‘Account Buffer’ as below.

Online HR Management System

Step 2.3: Save a/c buffer

HR Management Software

Step 2.4: Approve buffer

Appraisal Management System

Step 2.5: GP Batch File can be downloaded from the link shown below.


This XML file can be used to import in GP which is described in step 2.0.

New Client

UAE Office

human resource solutions, hrms software

Bahrain/Saudi Support Center

Bahrain/Saudi Support Center

Saudi Support Center

Saudi Support Center