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Paylite is sold through our reseller and partner channel. Resellers advise our customers to select proper modules, make implementation plan and help implementation through a partner. Our partners offer end to end consultancy and support to Paylite customers.

Business Proposition:

If you are in business of selling accounting, POS and other packaged software and if you are looking for additional revenue, you can choose to be our reseller. Great reselling opportunities exist for companies who sale bio-metric and other access control/attendance devices. You will get good referral commission and opportunity to grow with us.

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Our partnership offers higher level of engagement with our company. Our partners are responsible for full implementation and support life-cycle of Paylite customers. To be our partner you need to have one certified paylite consultant on your team. Our partners get qualified leads from us time to time. Partnership is available to companies who want to make a long time commitment with Paylite.

To become our partner please click here.

Paylite Certified Consultant Program:

We offer a five day full time training program to appear for certification. Training is available in Kolkata and Dubai. Please contact us to know about our certification program.

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