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Paylite helps you centralize your HR records. The core HR module gives you quick and easy access to what you need.

Paylite HRMS helps you manage employee databases, employee educational and professional profiles, skill profiles, salary progression, issued asset tracking, document management for driver’s license, visa, work permit, passport, and much more. As a part of our core module, we also offer air ticket management and leave management.

Paylite meets the regional requirements for the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Egypt and Jordan. It will be offered soon in Tunisia and Morocco.


  • Manage employee information: Personal profiles, Skills, Education, dependents, Training, Fixed assets allocation, and Salary progression
  • Store all documents for employees like Passport, Visa, Labour contract, Driving license, Insurance, and other documents.
  • Define employee grades with benefits tied to them.
  • Integrated recruitment solution for efficient recruiting and resume management.
  • Automate alerts for various events like expiry of Driving License, Visa, Work permit, Passport, and other documents.

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