Self Service

Human Resource Management Software contains comprehensive and user-friendly self-service module. It enables the employees to access vital HR info so that they can perform some key HR functions like making and forwarding leave application through automated process, obtaining the leave approval, perform necessary task related with Air ticket request and approval, training requests, letter requests (like Salary Certificate, Introduction Letter) and so on.

Self Service helps in reducing paperwork and improving employee satisfaction by faster processing of various HR formalities. It also helps in reducing un-necessary calls to HR Department as employees can themselves see when they can take leaves, number of their due leaves, who are the other colleagues in their department going on leave (instantly helps in better leave management), approve leave, check their air ticket eligibility, apply for tickets and various other important information. Self Service is a must for any organization aiming to streamline their HR process.

Paylite with its browser based interface makes it a breeze to deploy it across offices.

Self Service


  • Automates leave process from application to final approval
  • Integrates seamlessly with payroll application
  • Efficient and well organized workflow driven methods to manage employee profiles, benefits, leaves, loans and salary calculations
  • Check online status of leave
  • Expense recovery from Company
  • Air Ticket request
  • Online access to HR and payroll info with proper control mechanism for employees and line managers
  • Well structured navigation for ease of use

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