Self Service

Empower your employees with the Self-Service Module

Empower your employees with Paylite. With the self-service module, employees can perform vital HR functions on their own. They can apply for leave, view pay-slips, apply for reimbursement, create training requests, and much more!

Reduce paperwork and increase transparency

Self Service helps in reducing paperwork and improving employee satisfaction by speeding up various HR processes. ESS helps reduces stress on the HR department and improves employee satisfaction.

Submit requests and track status

Apply for leaves, reimbursements, view your payslips, access the employee directory, view leave balance, put in the request for air ticket, and get much more done with just a few clicks.

Self Service

Key Features

  • Automate the leave process from application to final approval
  • Integrate seamlessly with payroll application
  • Efficient and well-organized workflow-driven methods to manage employee profiles, benefits, leaves, loans, and salary calculations
  • Check online status of leave
  • Expense recovery from Company
  • Air Ticket request
  • Online access to HR and payroll info with a proper control mechanism for employees and Line Managers
  • Well-structured navigation for ease of use

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